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Understanding Tax Credit for Air Conditioners
by: Island A/C Team

There seems to always be some sort of a Tax Credit going on for air conditioning. Combined with manufacturer rebates and other types of credits, rebates, cash back, and more it quickly becomes overwhelming for the homeowner to understand.

The whole process becomes so confusing that many people end up calling the companies that indicate the biggest discounts or lowest advertised price and it becomes a whole lot more confusing when the estimates all come in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars higher than the advertised prices.

One of the biggest thing to consider is that tax rebates are based on information related to you, not the air conditioning provider. This means that anyone saying that "their tax rebates are higher than others" is not being truthful. You and the air conditioning unit you are installing have to qualify for a tax rebate. So your first sign of worry is when a company claims that they can "get you more money than the competition".

Commonly seen ads will read "up to $500 in Federal Tax Credit" omitting to say that you have to install qualifying equipment and that the $500 encompasses more than 1 item purchased; and lastly that it is often a percentage of the total cost rather than a fixed amount. Another important information that is usually left out of the advertisement is the type of property that the rebate is available to: for example, some rebates are only valid for primary residences.

Your best way to go about benefiting from a Federal or Florida tax refund for the installation, repair or improvement of an air conditioning system is to contract with a reputable and trusted air conditioning contractor. Your trusted provider will assess the needs of your home and recommend the unit that, first and foremost, fits your needs and provide the best energy efficiency. And of course inform you on all the rebates currently available, both State and Federal. And remember, when it comes to any type of taxes, always refer to your accountant/CPA for advice.

Island Air Conditioning has been providing energy efficient air conditioning installations to residents of Boca Raton, Delray Beach and beyond for more than 11 years. Island Air Conditioning's team of dedicated professionals is always available to advise you on the best and most energy efficient air conditioning system for your home or business.

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Article date: Aug. 24 2013

Job type: A/C Tax Credit

Job Location: Boca Raton - Palm Beach County


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