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My Air Conditioning Unit Won't Start
by: Island A/C Team

Your air conditioning unit not starting is never good news. Sometimes it means a major component to your air conditioning system needs to be replaced (air handler or compressor), and sometimes it is just a contactor that broke due to a default or simply old age.

Whatever the case is, there is about 100 wrongs things a person can do when their air conditioning unit doesn't start and only a few right things.

The first thing is to check your breakers; if you are comfortable doing so. If you have no experience with electricity we recommend you do not attempt this step. If you are familiar with your breaker box, check that all the breakers that control the air conditioning system are in working order. There is also a breaker on the air handler and by the outside unit; make sure both are on "on".

Once you've checked all the breakers and nothing seems to be out of place the real problems can start. Many people turn to the internet looking for an economical and fast solution to their air conditioning unit not starting. This can be dangerous for you and your air conditioning system, and your wallet.

How can it be dangerous for you? Well, only because something isn't running doesn't mean that electricity is not getting to it. One of the most common reason for a homeowner getting electrocuted is forgetting that all the wires he/she sees might be live, even though the unit appears to be dead. Even if you take precautions, it is a lot easier for an untrained person to get electrocuted. Another misconception is that the electrocution is the dangerous part. The most dangerous part to getting electrocuted is your reaction to it. Jerking back to break contact with the wire might lead you to slip, fall, or hit your hand on a sharp metal part and injure yourself severely (ever noticed how much sharp metal is around the inside of an air handler?).

The second thing you could break beside yourself is your air conditioning unit. Although do-it-yourself articles online about fixing your air conditioning yourself are usually well written and written by air conditioning professionals, they don't cover every possible detail and steps necessary to perform a thorough and save checkup of your air conditioning system. If you read the wrong article, or if you misinterpret what is written in a good article you could end up changing the wrong part, changing the right part but wiring it wrong, breaking something inadvertently, or do something else that will harm your system.

The third thing that can be damaged when trying to fix an air conditioning that doesn't want to start is your wallet. Hiring the wrong air conditioning contractor to fix your air conditioning system can result in overpaying for repair, paying for repairs that didn't need to be performed, or paying for a faulty repair that leads to no progress or more damage to your air conditioning system.

Island Air Conditioning has been providing quality air conditioning repairs to residents of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and the surrounding areas for more than 11 years. With a team of friendly technicians, Island Air Conditioning has helped hundreds of homeowners getting their air conditioning system running again.

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Article date: Oct. 14 2013

Job type: Air Conditioning Problems

Job Location: Boca Raton - Palm Beach County


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