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Bad smell coming from A/C Vents
by: Island A/C Team

Are you noticing a bad smell coming from the air conditioning vents in your home? If you've had to deal with that kind of smell you know what we're talking about... You walk right underneath the air conditioning vent and the air handler is just starting up and you are hit by this atrocious smell of decay.

You change your air conditioning filter on a regular basis, and yet that inexplicable foul smell resists air fresheners, new/more expensive air filters, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, you've tried it all. The smell remains.

There are a couple of sources for this bad smell coming from the air conditioning vents. It could be a rodent that died somewhere in your duct work and every time your unit starts up it picks up the smell and distributes it throughout your home. This is a more common occurrence than most people realize. Squirrels, mice, rats, and the likes can easily find their way into your air duct system, but may have hard time finding their way out and stay there indefinitely.

Another reason for a bad smell to form within your duct system is mold present near the junction between your air handler and your duct system. This mold is usually the result of standing water which slowly rots the surrounding wood and drywall that make up the walls. The water is often the result of a leak from either the air conditioning unit itself, a leaky toilet, or a poorly sealed shower cabin. The water infiltrates cracks in the grout or caulk (in the case of a shower) and slowly makes its way through the wall eventually creating mold on the other side of the wall.

Only the trained eyes and nose of an air conditioning professional can accurately diagnose the actual source of the foul smell coming from your air conditioning vents. This is why it is always better to upon a trusted air conditioning contractor to evaluate what is really causing the bad smell.

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Article date: Nov. 15 2013

Job type: Air Duct Cleaning

Job Location: Boca Raton - Palm Beach County


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