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Leak from Air Conditioning Unit
by: Island A/C Team

Contrary to some beliefs, an air conditioning unit should never leak. You may have lived with a small leak in the past; or your friends may have said "we have that in our home, don't worry about it, it's just a small drip..."

Whenever an air conditioning unit is leaking it should be addressed. Not only for the leak you can see (which may be very small and "manageable"), but for the one you may not see, and to prevent them from turning into water damage.

If your air conditioning is installed over concrete, than chances are, the worst thing that can happen is a little bit of mold growth and small damage of the walls in the air conditioning closet. However, if your air handler is located upstairs and the leak is going into the carpet, then you have a much bigger problem, regardless of how small the leak is. In the typical South Florida construction your carpet is resting on wood. Constant exposure to water, even a small amount, will weaken the wood over time and cause the water to drip through the floor and into the ceiling downstairs, damaging the drywall on the downstairs ceiling.

Consequences: if the leak goes through the ceiling and a stain is visible from downstairs, it will usually require to remove and replace the drywall in the affected area and repaint the whole ceiling to match the color. That's a pretty big project when you consider it all started with a small drip from the air conditioning.

This is why it is always a good idea to have a leak, any leak checked out by your trusted air conditioning provider. A small air conditioning repair early on can save you thousands of dollars in drywall and painting down the line.

Island Air Conditioning has been providing air conditioning repairs to residents of Boca Raton for more than 12 years. Island Air Conditioning offers affordable maintenance contracts to help prevent leaks and A/C breakdowns.

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Article date: Feb. 08 2014

Job type: A/C Water Leak

Job Location: Boca Raton - Palm Beach County


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