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A/C Unit Makes Noise
by: Island A/C Team

Is your air conditioner making noise? Well... it shouldn't!

Most people tend to take for granted that over time their air conditioning will start making noise. Maybe a little noise at first, and more and more until "it becomes a problem". But realistically, it "became a problem" the minute the system started making noise.

Whether it is your air handler (the inside unit) or the compressor (the outside unit), the noise can come from various different sources. In either case the noise usually originates from a part that came loose, something that fell into the outside unit, or it could be a more serious problem.

Regardless of the particular situation, the longer you wait, the more potential damage is developing inside your unit, and the more expensive it will be to repair it "once it becomes a problem".

The best way to prevent noises from ever happening is to have your air conditioning system regularly maintained by a qualified air conditioning technician. Periodic maintenance of both your inside unit as well as your outside unit will ensure that it runs properly and will help avoid early wear & tear, which in time prolongs the life of your system.

Over the past 12 years Island Air Conditioning has been keeping the residents of Boca Raton "air conditioning noise free" by providing flexible maintenance contracts. Island Air Conditioning's technicians are NATE certified and undergo regular continuing education.

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Article date: Feb. 26 2014

Job type: Air Conditioning Problems

Job Location: Boca Raton - Palm Beach County


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