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Central Air Conditioner Installation
by: Island A/C Team

The perception most people have of installing an air conditioner is that all A/C companies will perform the same install and that the main difference is the price. The assumption on price being that the larger the company, the better prices they can offer due to economies of scale and buying supplies in larger quantities.

While part of the second assumption is often correct (a two men A/C companies cannot make any economies of scale), not every A/C company will perform the same install the same way. Although there isn't an absolute, unique, “right way” to install an air conditioner, there is plenty of wrong ways to install a central air conditioning system.

Performing the installation of a central air conditioning system takes a well trained crew with the right amount of experience. Almost as important as the level of experience of the team working on your new central air conditioning is their experience working together. Crews that have been working together for a long time have similar experience and a common approach to problem solving. This way, everyone is always (or almost always) on the same page. Discount companies tend to have a high turn around in their technicians, which often results in a lower quality A/C installation for you. However good A/C technicians may be on their own, how good they are working as a team will determine how fast, and how well you new air conditioning unit will be installed.

Having your new central air conditioning system installed by a team which has been working together for a long time is the best way to insure a quality installation; which means less problems down the line.

Island Air Conditioning has been serving the residents of Boynton Beach with their central air conditioning needs for more than 10 years with the same highly trained crew. Island air Conditioning prides itself in recruiting the best and training them to work in an efficient manner, so that your install is done the right way the first time around.

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Article date: Aug. 01 2012

Job type: Air Conditioning Replacement

Job Location: Boynton Beach - Palm Beach County


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